Lunchtime offers

We are only a 5 minute walk from the town centre, so why not come and relax and enjoy your lunchbreak.

Avaliable 11am to 3pm Wednesday to Friday only.

Metre of Pizza£24
One metre by one foot. This pizza consists of three parts so you can create your own combination of toppings.
This will easily feed about five people.
It is a great value comfort meal for a family or a group of friends.

Light Lunch£6.00 each
Tea or Coffee with a choice of sandwiches; ham, cheese or beef, served with a freshly made side salad.
Also included is a piece of cake.

Lunch for Two£14.00
Homemade Pizza; Margherita, Mushroom or Meat Festival, served with handmade chips and fresh salad.
Offer includes two free glasses of our delightful house wine.

Daily Specials

Coming Soon!